Book Review: The Color of Love Series by F. E. Feeley Jr.

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J.P. Jackson

Title:  Into the Gray, A Lighter Shade of Blue, The Violet Skies of Morning
Series: The Color of Love Series
Author: F. E. Feeley Jr.
Publisher:  Self Published
Release Date: 2019
Heat Level: 5/5
Pairing: M/M
Length: 353 pages (all three books)
Genre: Romance

I suppose I should have done a quick review of each of the three books in this series, but they really are one extended story, so I’m going to lump it all into one big review.

Into the Gray

Feeley has done a wonderful job with this easy, sweet, and yet often heartbreaking story of two people who, quite by chance, come together and find out how well they each complement and enrich each other.

The first book is about origins, who each of the characters is, and what their lives have been up to the point where the two main characters meet. David is a mature man in…

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